Monday, 11 April 2011

Media product

For mymedia product for Visual Communication I will look more deeply in the idea of identity and self portrait. I will continue my idea of semestar's one project for Identity but this time more deeply maybe just in one image. I am thinking of combinig the idea of pencil vs. camera with self-portait or photomontage presenting double identity.

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  1. There is some really good photography here and the blog make a good start at an online portfolio. The problem is that it is rather difficult to determine what your media product is.
    The Student Grid photos are excellent and your portraits of Angela are also very effective.
    With your outdoor photography the way that you handle light and composition is really good. There is a real sense of space and scale in your images.
    On the other hand, you don’t go into quite enough depth with the theoretical ideas. You have clearly paid attention to some of the reading, but this hasn’t quite been integrated enough into your own work or the analysis of other people’s images. The blog does still indicate a good deal of research.